How to make a web app

Learn to make a web app with Python and Flask.



How to improve digital project management

Here are some important aspects to improve digital project management.

1. Human-centered management

The tools have to fit the person and not the other way around. If you already have a method of producing quality work without much hassle you should stick to it. However, you might face problems later that you can’t predict now so it’s important to be conscious of what you’re doing.

2. Data

Nothing starts from scratch, anything we create is a reaction to history through our mental model. Make a habit of absorving relevant sources, maintain backups and modularize reusable content. The process of filtering data to suit our needs is done through analysis and selection.

3. Sinergy

Specialization is only useful through collaboration. The problems of today involve various fields of science so it’s important to reach out and get a different perspective. When you feel like you’re having to wear two hats, it’s an opportunity to outsource.

How to import Blender files to Unity

1. We’ll use this Blender scene for the purposes of this tutorial. It’s important to name the materials and save the textures separately.


2. Open a Unity project and import the textures.


3. Import the .blend file and make sure you tick the “Generate Colliders” checkbox


4. Righ-click the scene and then “Select Dependencies”.


5. You should now see the imported materials.


6. After editing the materials just drag the element into the editor to place the scene.


Subreddit keyword analysis

I started a programming project and I decided to write about the process.

This project involves 3 main parts:

  • Getting the content of the latest 10 posts in a user-defined subreddit.
  • Creating an algorithm that returns a word frequency table.
  • Displaying the results in an ordered list.

Here is the plan of execution:

  • Go to Codepen
  • Insert HTML code for subreddit input and ordered list.
  • Copy-paste my previous project with the Reddit JSON API
  • Change the code to fit this project’s needs.
  • Create the algorithm

A couple of hours later I completed the project.

Development has deviated from the plan in the following aspects:

  • I ended up having to develop on the local host to avoid codepen problems.
  • Each reddit page has 25 posts.
  • The algorithm wasn’t just counting the words, I had to sort them by frequency and filter excluded words.

Here is a link to the project on Codepen


How to create outline on group of objects in Illustrator

1. Select all the objects and press Ctrl + G to group them


2. Create a JS file with the following script:

function makeRect() { 
 if (selection.length == 0) { 
   alert("Select object"); 
 else { 
  if (selection.length > 1) { 
   alert("Too many objects"); 
  else { 
   var myDoc = app.activeDocument; 
   var Sel = myDoc.selection 
   var SelVB = Sel[0].visibleBounds; 
   var dMarg = 0; 
   var Links = SelVB[0]; 
   var Oben = SelVB[1]; 
   var SelBreite = (SelVB[2] - SelVB[0]); 
   var SelHoehe = (SelVB[1] - SelVB[3]); 
   var myGroup =myDoc.groupItems.add(); 
   Sel[0].move(myGroup, ElementPlacement.PLACEATBEGINNING); 
   var MargBox = myDoc.pathItems.rectangle(Oben+dMarg, Links-dMarg, SelBreite+2*dMarg, SelHoehe+2*dMarg); 
   MargBox.stroked = true; 
   MargBox.strokeWidth = 5; 
   MargBox.defaultFilled = false; 
   MargBox.move(myGroup, ElementPlacement.PLACEATEND); 

3. Go to File -> Scripts -> Other script… and load the script created before.

4. Here is the result: