How to record desktop sound

1. Download/Install the Audacity software.

2. Change the audio host to “Windows WASAPI”


3. Set the recording device to “Speakers”


4. Press the REC button


Note: To export an audio file go to File -> Export Audio (additional libraries may be required)

How to record desktop sound

How to create outline on group of objects in Illustrator

1. Select all the objects and press Ctrl + G to group them


2. Create a JS file with the following script:

function makeRect() { 
 if (selection.length == 0) { 
   alert("Select object"); 
 else { 
  if (selection.length > 1) { 
   alert("Too many objects"); 
  else { 
   var myDoc = app.activeDocument; 
   var Sel = myDoc.selection 
   var SelVB = Sel[0].visibleBounds; 
   var dMarg = 0; 
   var Links = SelVB[0]; 
   var Oben = SelVB[1]; 
   var SelBreite = (SelVB[2] - SelVB[0]); 
   var SelHoehe = (SelVB[1] - SelVB[3]); 
   var myGroup =myDoc.groupItems.add(); 
   Sel[0].move(myGroup, ElementPlacement.PLACEATBEGINNING); 
   var MargBox = myDoc.pathItems.rectangle(Oben+dMarg, Links-dMarg, SelBreite+2*dMarg, SelHoehe+2*dMarg); 
   MargBox.stroked = true; 
   MargBox.strokeWidth = 5; 
   MargBox.defaultFilled = false; 
   MargBox.move(myGroup, ElementPlacement.PLACEATEND); 

3. Go to File -> Scripts -> Other script… and load the script created before.

4. Here is the result:


How to create outline on group of objects in Illustrator

How to setup Deviantart API with Python 2.7

1. Install the deviantart module for Python 2.7

pip install deviantart

2. Login to DA, go to and register a new application


4. Choose the grant type and the app’s URL


5. Create a python script with your app’s code. Here is the official example:

#import deviantart library
import deviantart

#create an API object with your client credentials
da = deviantart.Api("YOUR_CLIENT_ID", "YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET")

#fetch daily deviations
dailydeviations = da.browse_dailydeviations()

#loop over daily deviations
for deviation in dailydeviations:

    #print deviation title
    print deviation.title

    #print username of author of deviation

6. Insert the API credentials visible at the Developers page.

7. Run the script and you should see a list of Daily Deviations. Here is a link to the documentation with more features.


How to setup Deviantart API with Python 2.7