How to activate thumbnail view in Blender



Subreddit keyword analysis

I started a programming project and I decided to write about the process.

This project involves 3 main parts:

  • Getting the content of the latest 10 posts in a user-defined subreddit.
  • Creating an algorithm that returns a word frequency table.
  • Displaying the results in an ordered list.

Here is the plan of execution:

  • Go to Codepen
  • Insert HTML code for subreddit input and ordered list.
  • Copy-paste my previous project with the Reddit JSON API
  • Change the code to fit this project’s needs.
  • Create the algorithm

A couple of hours later I completed the project.

Development has deviated from the plan in the following aspects:

  • I ended up having to develop on the local host to avoid codepen problems.
  • Each reddit page has 25 posts.
  • The algorithm wasn’t just counting the words, I had to sort them by frequency and filter excluded words.

Here is a link to the project on Codepen


Subreddit keyword analysis

How to create outline on group of objects in Illustrator

1. Select all the objects and press Ctrl + G to group them


2. Create a JS file with the following script:

function makeRect() { 
 if (selection.length == 0) { 
   alert("Select object"); 
 else { 
  if (selection.length > 1) { 
   alert("Too many objects"); 
  else { 
   var myDoc = app.activeDocument; 
   var Sel = myDoc.selection 
   var SelVB = Sel[0].visibleBounds; 
   var dMarg = 0; 
   var Links = SelVB[0]; 
   var Oben = SelVB[1]; 
   var SelBreite = (SelVB[2] - SelVB[0]); 
   var SelHoehe = (SelVB[1] - SelVB[3]); 
   var myGroup =myDoc.groupItems.add(); 
   Sel[0].move(myGroup, ElementPlacement.PLACEATBEGINNING); 
   var MargBox = myDoc.pathItems.rectangle(Oben+dMarg, Links-dMarg, SelBreite+2*dMarg, SelHoehe+2*dMarg); 
   MargBox.stroked = true; 
   MargBox.strokeWidth = 5; 
   MargBox.defaultFilled = false; 
   MargBox.move(myGroup, ElementPlacement.PLACEATEND); 

3. Go to File -> Scripts -> Other script… and load the script created before.

4. Here is the result:


How to create outline on group of objects in Illustrator